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Dave Andrews

Head of the Claverton Energy Research Institute

“There is always a tremendous amount of information to learn at the GMP Conferences. The papers being presented are highly technical, challenging and often contentious in content. They offer crucial insights into the energy issues affecting the CHP and Renewables world today.”

“At these Conferences we can directly address the key challenges of decarbonisation, storage, affordability and energy security through a holistic approach. With this approach we can also address other issues such as the decarbonisation of transport and waste management.”

Tony Glover

Director of Policy at the UK’s Energy Networks Association

"The Conference always plays a key role in discussing the use of variable energy sources. Storage is not the only balancing option and the varied Conference programme shows that overall design of power systems must incorporate a range of flexible generation, storage and grid-balancing options of different types and scales."

Dr David Elliott

Emeritus Professor of Technology Policy at The Open University

Dave Smith

Cellcare Technologies

“At these Conferences speakers and audience effectively reflect a spectrum of specifiers, operators installers & suppliers from the most difficult & crucial standby power projects in the UK & Europe. Key speakers focus especially on UPS & Telecoms as well as the closely related traditional areas of offshore, rail & utilities."

“This is a really important series of Conferences & Networking Opportunities.”

Dr Alan Whitehead

MP, Southampton Test

“The shows have featured top quality speakers and really good conference papers.”

Dr Anthony Riddle

Ramboll Energy