Call for papers

18th – 19th APRIL, 2018


Please use the form below to submit abstract of your proposed paper.

* By submitting an abstract you are indicating your availability and willingness to develop and write a full paper by mid-March 2018, attend and present your paper at CP&DE 2018, if selected and you comply with all deadlines.
* Please ensure that the speaker and author details you are providing when submitting your abstract are correct as these will be used for pre-event marketing purposes.
* As a speaker you are responsible for your own accommodation and travel expenses. Global Media Publishing Ltd does not offer subsidies.


Global Media Publishing Ltd will consider the following when reviewing and selecting abstracts for inclusion in CP&DE 2018 programme.

1. Paper presentations should include: a. Commercially-viable new technologies which are directly applicable to the power generation, transmission and distribution and related industries.
b. Case histories of applications which have been successfully backed by supporting data.
c. Strategies which apply to changes in the power generation industry.
d. Technical solutions to problems, industry trends and regulatory compliance issues.
e. Topics of particular interest in 2018 include Renewable Energy for Power Generation; also – District Heating technologies and Thermal Energy storage solutions

2. Presentations should be of interest to a broad audience and not restricted to highly-specialised markets.
3. Content of presentations must be relevant to the UK and global audiences
4. Sales presentations will not be accepted.

Global Media Publishing Ltd. is responsible for the content of the 2018 Conference Programme and its choices & judgements on submitted abstracts are final.

Abstracts are chosen on their strength, content matter and market/trend relevance.


AVERAGE PRESENTATION LENGTH – 20 mins (15 mins presentation +5 mins Q&A time)